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Gallery of the Streets & Pages from The Book of Stupid …

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is a journal published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies. The journal includes recent essays by IAS-supported writers and translators, features with anarchist views on contemporary issues, book reviews, updates, and more.


In issue No. 32 the Perspectives collective collaborates with Kai Lumumba Barrow who provides art from Gallery of the Streets in the new 208 page “Power” issue. Gallery of the Streets is a network of autonomous artists, activists, and scholars committed to abolitionist movement building. Led by queer Black feminist politics, their work is created by people who live, love, fight, work, and play in the margins of racial and gendered capitalism, carceral control, and environmental violence. Lovingly laid out with full color art and design by Eberhardt Press, this is an impressive publication, produced despite the pandemic and amidst the Uprising.

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory: Issue No. 32, Power

The Performance of Labor/The Labor of Performance: A Convening

This panel, entitled The Performance of Labor/The Labor of Performance: A Convening, brought together Black feminist artists and cultural workers to communally explore how the forms and methods of opera, surrealism, free jazz, poetry, and dance help communicate the concerns of radical Black feminism(s).

Recorded February, 2022 on UC Berkeley Campus

Scalawag Magazine

Abolitionist Global Funk Visual Opera

We Begin With Play: Southern Abolition in the [B]reach with kai lumumba barrow and ‘gallery of the streets’

by ra malika imhotep, 2019


In New Orleans, a Black Feminist Opera With a Touch of Afrofuturism

To dovetail with the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the new five-part opera ”Echohybridity” will be performed in New Orleans.

by Sameer Rao, 2015

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