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The Network

Gallery of the Streets is an intergenerational network of self-identified "revolutionary nomads". Our network covers a spectrum of lived experiences--from Baby Boomers to Millennials-- and crosses expansive geographies that include social movement communities and urban and rural place making. 



barrow is a visual and performance artist who lives and works in New Orleans. She has exhibited paintings, sculptures, site-specific installations and multimedia performances in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Durham, Glasgow, London, New Orleans, and NYC.


barrow is concerned with notions of radical imagination. Her sprawling paintings, installations, and sculptures transgress biological, geographic, ideological, and physical borders. Her work is imbued with cultural and historical clues that reference avant-garde art and radical liberation movements. barrow’s installations and ritualistic environments recall African diasporic cosmologies incorporating reusable materials such as dirt, moss, rocks, machines, money and bones as a visual and ethnographic language. Together with her four muses: Absurdity, Sarcasm, Myth, and Merriment, the work performs queer, Black, feminist resistance to carceral control.

jazz franklin  / DOCUMENTARIAN 

jazz's filmmaking praxis plays with power and possibility. Her video and documentary work focus inside the margins of society and highlight the beauty in the mundane. For the past 10 years she has been an activist and grassroots organizer working to shift power with organizations like Southerners on New Ground, Black Youth Project 100, and The Southern Movement Assembly. Her video and documentary work  are an extension of her organizing.

Since 2016, jazz collectively works to organize programming for the  PATOIS The New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival and its year round events. In 2019, she was a part of the New Orleans Film Society's Emerging Voices cohort and she was nominated for a regional Emmy for her editing work on the documentary Preserving Justice. She is currently expanding her practice to include still and motion picture film.

Jazz Headshot 2021_edited.jpg
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